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May Li is a sexy little Asian teen that had just celebrated her 18th birthday. Apparently a simple party with her friends and a DJ in some ballroom wasn't what she wanted. She wanted to become a woman by doing an extreme porn scene for Facial Abuse.

When Duke Skywalker, Big Red and Bootleg saw this cutie sitting in the studio, their jaws hit the floor. Fucking up a hot 18 year old Asian teen doesn't happen daily, so they made sure to make it count. She was dropped to her knees and the cocks rammed her throat. She was facefucked relentlessly and she tossed her fortune cookies all over the floor.

Her face was drilled as if her mouth was a pussy, and she fiulled up the whore bowl with her puke. Her throat began to rebel and with some slaps and some spit, then then focused their attention on her perfect pink pussy. Bootleg slid his old man dick into her muff and went wild.

The crew contorted her into all kinds of positions. She was bent over, fishhooked, smacked, tossed around and pumped balls deep. After her pussy was nice and sore, she was tossed on the floor and covered in loads of sticky white cum. Her very first porn scene was finished just like that, and she vowed never to do anything extreme like this again. Happy Birthday May Li!

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